Kim Jung Sik's Narrative

Jeon BongHee, Woo DonSun

Junglim Architecture archive


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Table of Contents

Living History, a Modern Architect's live narrative begins

Kim Jung Sik's narrative, life biography

01 Childhood: Liberation from Japan & the Korean War

02 Studied architecture as a young student

03 Foundation of the Junglim Architecture and running the firm

04 Regarding the project: Church & School architecture

05 Regarding the project: Business facilities & large scale projects

06 Retrospect & Prospect



Introducing the Authors

Architect Kim Jung Sik was Born in Pyongyang in 1935. He graduated from Seoul National University with the degree in Architectural Engineering in 1958 . He was the assistant professor in the Seoul National University from 1966 till 1974. in 1967 he and his older brother Kim Jung Chul founded Junglim Architecture Institute. He was the president of Junglim Architecture firm since 1973 until 2007 when he established DMP architecture. Chungdong First Methodist Church, Yeoido MBC Art Center, Ehwa Women's University, Dankook University Chunan Campus, DACOM R&D Center, CBS Studio are examples of many of Architect Kim's accomplishments. After creating the Mokchon Kim Jung Sik foundation in 2010 he's been working on collecting, researching projects, documents, and methods of past architects from Korea. Architect Kim, in the Mokchon foundation focused on pursuing a research project to collect and archive materials of modern architecture and the main architect . He was nominated as the honorary member of the American Institute of Architects in 2010.


Jeon BongHee Graduated and received his master's degree from Seoul National University. He worked as a professor of architectural engineering in Mokpo University until 1997 when he became a professor in Seoul National University since.


Woo DonSun Professor of architecture Korea National University of Arts. Graduated from Seoul National University. Then moved to Tokyo Japan to receive his master's from Tokyo National University.